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Welcome to the news! Here's where you can find all the cool things that'll be happening in and around my writing!

***October came and went with some exciting things. I was invited to Books & BBQ with the amazing Sherrilyn Kenyon and Carol Shaughnessy. We had a wonderful time and will be back next year to do it all over again. Stay tuned for more information on that as it comes in. 

***November blew in like the storms we had. I started and just finished the fourth and final (maybe...) story to the Gaelic Gods series. Blood & Spells will be out in December. By the way, this is my first reverse harem and wow was it fun to write.
I've also had some really cool marketing goodies done for the horror series, Man-Made Monsters. Be sure to check that out. Thank you John Watson for the review and mini video.

***December is well underway with Blood & Spells now out. I'm nowhere near ready for Christmas or Santa but that's not going to slow him down a bit. I'm starting to work on the very first book in the Rock & Roll Horror series. Stay tuned because there is a contest going on with them. There will be ten books...ten clues... and one huge prize to the winner. Think, real treasure chest filled with goodies, so stay tuned for more information as the books hit the market.

***GlamNoir will be back with all new goodies after the first of the year!!!

***January is here! Getting ready to start with some new jewelry pieces along with miniatures. I have some amazing dragons to show you. Also, I decided to apply for an oddities show in Tampa for March. Keeping my fingers crossed for that.
Drop me a message letting me know and you could be entered into a drawing for a special piece of jewelry based on Seduction on the Trail. You'll have the very first of its kind before it's debuted here and on social media.

***Well, it's February already and I'm in shock as to how we got here so fast. It seems like just yesterday that it was Xmas. 
I have some news...I'll be doing Books & BBQ again this year. If you get a chance grab a ticket and come join us. The lineup is going to be epic.
The show is November 1st through the 3rd in Peach Tree City Georgia. Hit me up if you want the link for a ticket.
I have some new books coming out soon. The first one will be part of a new series called Tangled in Time. Think...Indiana Jones and The Librarians all rolled into one, with a hot female archeologist and an Egyptian Prince. 
Seduction on the Trail, Volume 2 will be out over the summer along with a few single titles thrown in. It's going to be a busy year and I'm loving it.

March is here and oh boy are there some exciting things to talk about. 
I'm about to take a huge leap and I'm so excited that I can barely stand myself. More about that later.
Tangled in Time - Atlantis  is due out on March 25th. If you love great adventures with spiciness to go along with it, then these are the books for you. 
I'm trying to decide how many short stories to put in the next volume of Seduction on the Trail, but so far there are five. I have a few more but not sure if they'll go in there yet.
I'll be giving more details on the mystery books very soon. 

***March has brought some unexpected personal devastation. My wonderful friend, mentor and publisher has passed away. Some projects have been put on hold until things can be sorted out. Remember to hug your loved ones. We're never promised tomorrow.

***April is already halfway done, and I've been keeping busy since the loss of my friend and publisher. All the anthologies through AMR Publishing are now down and the future ones have been cancelled. With that said, I have started on the second book to Temptation on the Trail. Three stories are finished with two more to be done. Hoping to have it out by September so I can take it with me to Books & BBQ in November. Also, the second book to the Trinity Series (my paranormal bdsm series) is well underway and will be going with me to the show.
***I'm also going to be debuting a whole new set of books. Something barely seen in the world of Romance, but I promise it will be worth the wait. The first books will be available ONLY at Books & BBQ in November, so stay tuned.

***May is almost finished and I've been busy writing and trying to navigate the world of formatting and marketing.  I think I might have the hang of some of Or not, the jury is still out. Temptation on the Trail (rebranding of Seduction on the Trail) will be up soon in both ebook and paperback. Nothing has changed other than the cover, which I had to do in order to satisfy Amazon after my publisher passed. Temptation Volume 2 will be out in July with all new stories. 
***Also, the first two books in the Trinity series will be out by August. Just in ebook format first. 
***I'm playing around with the possibility of a newsletter which will begin in December, if I decide to do one. 
***Don't forget about Books & BBQ in November and the launch of the special new books. 

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