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When the government creates weapons, it never ends well. But when General Guthrie takes over the MultiGenics Research Center, things go from bad to worse. His idea of making an extreme weapon means splicing several species together.


What happens when you cross the Jersey Devil, a scorpion and a Florida alligator? The ultimate man-made monster and your enemy’s worst nightmare. The beast, known as an Alligarsey, is the ultimate killing machine.


General Guthrie and his scientists quickly lose control of the creature. It gets loose from MRC and begins killing and eating everything in its path. The small Florida town won’t know what hit it once the monster begins to hunt. Until it’s too late.


Can anything kill this beast? Maybe, but it will leave behind a wake of destruction never before seen in the beautiful gulf coast town.

Crossbreed final cover.jpg

General Guthrie is at it again in his bid for the perfect monster. This time he enlists the help of an out of state doctor who happens to be in the possession of one of the most sought-after cryptids known to mankind. Bigfoot.

But what will he try to cross with this one in order to get his flawless creature? And what could possibly go wrong this time?

Ressurected bookcover.jpg

Thanks to a secret discovery in the Antarctic, Dr. Gibner has once again been brought in to create a monster for the demented, General Guthrie. This time, he’s planning the ultimate weapon to take out anything in, or on the water.

Can they thaw the creature and extract the DNA, then cross it with a current living species to get that weapon? Or will they all die trying?

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