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Storm Clouds



Romance with a splash of erotica

Blood Moon Alpha eBook.jpg

Stefan, Alpha of the Romanian werewolves, is desperate to get Clan land returned. The previous Alpha sold it to pay for his bad habits and now it’s up to him to get it back, in order to keep the secrets that it holds. Aislin and her friend Esmae have decided to move from the United States to the mysterious world of Romania. When she finds the perfect plot of land to start a small ranch and blacksmith shop, she jumps at the chance even though the realtor has warned her it’s haunted. Not believing in the supernatural, she buys the land and sets up shop, then meets the tall, dark and sexy as sin, Stefan. He’s offered her three times what she paid, but she’s not selling. Will he take the land from her? Or will he seduce her and steal her heart, in his bid to get what he believes is his in the first place? Welcome to the Gaelic Gods, where nothing is as it seems.

Druid's Masque eBook.jpg

Alexandra Martin, fresh from a bad breakup, heads to Scotland for two weeks to forget her woes and do some work. Using the time to gather her thoughts for her next book, she chooses Arisaig as her final destination. The town is a perfect setting. Especially when your favorite genres are horror and romance and she’s just in time for the annual masked ball. The locals tell her that Mac an tSaoir Castle is haunted and it’s THE place to check out if she wants story ideas. Trying to figure out how to meet the recluse and ask him, she happens to run into him at the pub. Dougal McIntyre owns the castle that sits on the shores of Loch Nan Ceall. He only comes into town once a week for a pint, to catch up on the news then goes home. This time, there is a beautiful American wanting his attention. After explaining who she is and what she wants, on the spur of the moment, he invites her to his home. But there’s one condition, she has to spend the night. Will the ghosts of his ancestors scare her to death? Or will the adventure of a lifetime end in romance?

Dragon's Touch eBook.jpg

Time stands still for no one, including an immortal.

Celeste Clarke is just a plain ordinary woman with one extra ordinary skill. She can spot a true piece of antiquity a mile away. When she’s offered a job in Norway her first thought was to turn it down, but she convinces herself that it’s time for a fresh start. She was in a dead-end job with no family to worry about and not looking for a relationship.

Damon, handsome dragon shifter, is on a new quest to save the world, not finding a lover. He’s just been informed that the Stone of Fal, also known as the Stone of Destiny, might be in the hands of his worst enemy, Leif Oskar.  

Leif wants the treasure for himself so he can have total control over the human race. He offers Celeste a job in the hopes she can find the Destiny stone and weed out all the fakes.

She sets out but soon crosses paths with Damon who convinces her to shift her alliances and that’s when the trouble starts. They have to find the stone before the Dragon Solstice or run the risk of losing it to their enemies forever.  

They never figure on running into two of the Originals along the way.

Will they win the day or will the Crone of Sennen and her new unwilling partner, Leif Oskar, take over both worlds?

Blood and Magic eBook.jpg

Samira, only daughter of Danu and Dagda, finds herself in dire straights when the newest threat from The Crone of Sennen shows up on her doorstep. The Crone has awakened her sister, Lissa, and sent her to mortal earth to kill the Goddesses daughter.

Lissa can’t get close enough to the witch to do the job herself, so she hires two vampires, Rook and Xander, to do her dirty work.

However, the two sexy vampires fall for Samira, and decide they want to be both lover and protector to the swamp witch.

Come along for the final (perhaps) adventure of the Gaelic Gods and see if their love can withstand the power of The Crone and her wicked sister.

The Appalachian Trail. Known for some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. Have you ever heard the tales of hikers that disappeared while walking the Trail? Have you ever wondered what happened to them? Especially the females. Here’s your chance to discover the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. But someday, if you’re feeling adventurous and you want to find out firsthand what could happen, then check out the Trail yourself. Come with us to meet some of the sexiest trolls, ogres, shifters, elementals and goblins in the OtherWorld.

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Dr. Elsbeth Silvey is a world-renowned archeologist who is on the hunt for one of the most elusive artifacts out there. Proof of the existence of Atlantis.

Joined by an Egyptian prince who seems determined to thwart her ever move, she eventually finds the clues she’s been looking for. But will it end in disaster, or the love of a lifetime?

Follow her adventures as she searches the world over to find the truth about the mysteries hidden from mankind.

This is but the first of many!

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