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Dark Clouds
Storm Clouds

Lace Dreams

Suzanne, one of the club’s only human Domme’s, has no idea who or what she works with on a daily basis. However, what she does know is that she loves her job and she’s very good at it. Good enough to catch the attention of Aiden, the sexy Dom that runs the vampire fantasies aboard one of the three riverboats that run up and down the waterways of Savannah Georgia.

Aiden wants to prove that Suzanne has a submissive streak and would enjoy being a switch. But she’s determined not to let him get close enough to do it. Keeping him at arm’s length is all well and good until a stalker shows up and tries to take her away.

She’s been promised as a prize to the demented young man, by something from your worst nightmares.

Will Aiden prove that she’s a switch and have her fall in love with him? Or will he lose her to the stalker and the otherworldly threat?

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Wolfe's Heart

Wolfe is on the hunt for a killer werewolf. Hired by the dead woman’s husband, he’s determined to bring the loathsome creature to justice and put another wolf hide on his wall. He never anticipated what he’d find along the way.

Anais will protect her brother at all costs even against a man who hunts her kind for bounties. She believes her sibling when he tells her he’s innocent but knows it will take more than just his word to convince the hunter.

Will Anais and Wolfe find their destinies entwined, or will the true killer get them all?

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