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The inception of C. PB Delight began over a few glasses of whiskey at Harrah’s back in 2000. It started between two guys who would later become the best of friends. They formed the club to cater to the sex games they themselves liked to play and provide fantasies to their willing submissives.

The men, Darrell Vanderburg and Marshall Williams, were known to the kink scene as Doms. They both felt that the parties held at various friends’ and playmates’ homes were getting stale and wanted to up the intensity, so they formed C. PB Delight.

Since its beginning, no one knew what the letters meant, and the men intended to keep it that way. If people found out, no one would take them seriously ever again. However, it was in homage to their favorite toy, Penelope, who had passed away after a car accident. After all, even their kind weren’t immune to beheading.

The two men had been devastated and decided to dedicate the club to her and one of her favorite things. After each play party, they had fed her chocolate peanut butter ice cream, which for one of them, was a strange thing to crave. Hence the initials for the club.

It catered to the high profile and everyday people who wanted a taste of being submissive to the pro-Doms, male, or pro-Dommes, female. Some clients even liked playing role reversal, and they hired paid subs for the part.

C. PB Delight was an instant success and setting its location right outside the Vegas strip was nothing short of genius. It allowed people from all over to visit and play, then go gamble and fly home. It was all located close enough to the airport for easy access, yet far enough away to comply with city regulations.

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