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Forest Scene

Phantom Chillers 

Where your childhood fears become reality!

*Planted Pines:

*The House on 42:

*The Lake B&B:

*The Oakland Caretakers:                     

*The Lake Weir Monster:

*The Library:

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The DMC Chronicles

The Mystery of the Missing Locket ebook.jpg

Dixie is on her way to grandmas for the day. She loves going to spend time with her and today is no exception. Until she realizes she’s forgotten her tablet. Grandma gives her a book to read instead, and she’s hooked.

The story takes you on the first adventure with Ace, Eleanor and Serafina. They form a friendship that is unbreakable even though they come from different backgrounds. Ace, the only boy in the group, finds a photograph in the family bible which describes a treasure that went missing right after the civil war.

Determined to find the treasure, he sets out with his best friends on the adventure of a lifetime. But it’s not always fun and games. Sometimes there’s things best left alone and when they come face to face with the ghost of his ancestor, the adventure takes a dark turn.

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